About Us

Unmatched Apparel LLC is a thrift-based clothing business serving you upcycled, vintage, and new pieces. We started thrifting in the spring of 2019, using Instagram as our only platform to showcase our work. In our first year, we sold over 300 pieces throughout the United States. We have decided to keep this business growing and make it bigger and better for our customers.

Thrifting and upcycling apparel has a special place in our hearts. When thrifting, we have an eye for items that still have life left to them. We use our creativity to rework items and turn them into staple pieces that'll be hard to find anywhere else.


All of our reworked Apparel is sourced from local thrift stores. Then, using bleach, dye, laces, gromlets, fabric paint, zippers, sewing machines, etc, we create unique pieces for you.

Purchasing and wearing secondhand clothing is a step in the right direction towards reducing the environmental footprint caused by the fashion industry.


Our mission as Unmatched Apparel is to create every piece with a sense of uniqueness, all while allowing our customers to express themselves through their own style.